Energy And Heavy Industries

October 12, 2021

Energy And Heavy Industries

The chemical, oil and gas industries operate in demanding environments involving high heat and highly toxic substances. Special grades of stainless steel have been developed for use in these industries which feature enhanced resistance to corrosion over a wider range of temperatures. High-grade stainless steel is vital in the construction of storage tanks, valves, pipes, and other components.

Super duplex steel is often used due to its high strength. It can be produced in large sheets which minimizes welding and maximizes structural integrity. Its higher strength also reduces the need for extra structural support and foundations, reducing construction costs.

Stainless steel is essential for off-shore oil rigs. Crude oil is extremely corrosive and modern rigs are constructed from high alloyed steel which is tough and lightweight.

Renewable energy technologies including solar, geothermal, hydro and wind power also use stainless steel components as it is able to withstand the rigors of highly corrosive sea water environments.

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